Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yet Another Go Blog

Alright, this is another Go progress blog.

I'm a 16 year old living in California. I started Go in the start of September 2005. My KGS nickname is "toastcrumb", and I'm currently about 12k. I have no official AGA rating, having never played in a serious rated real life tournament.

Hm. So, my goal is to achieve shodan (1d) by August. Preferably before Go Congress, and preferably by my teacher (Wayne Cheng)'s birthday.

Wish me luck?

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ChiyoDad said...

That's a big challenge Maria but I wish you the very best of luck! You've got the time to dedicate to it and I envy you!

Whatever the outcome, you'll still wind-up notably stronger after the season is over and we'll probably be cowering in your shadow.

Best Regards,
- ChiyoDad