Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am out of hiatus. I will try to be substantial. I will probably fail.



Monday, March 05, 2007

This is a substantial post (for a change)

Keep in mind, I'm still lowly 4k, so this probably has issues

So far, 3-5 has served me moderately well.

I play double 3-5 paired with 3-9 as black, and ommitting the 3-9 as white.

Opponents generally decide to approach from the top either low or high. I have seen the low approach most often, as my opponents choose to take the corner.
At this point, I can play at either O or P16.

That's the ideal situation. It gets messy when it doesnt work though.

Like that. Or something. Eh, it just gets messy.

I find not much wrong with this opening, as I feel it suits me pretty well. Higher level players seem to think it really weird though. I guess I'll learn whats wrong with it when the time comes.

I think one of the main issues with this opening is I end up with a possibility for a moyo.. and then I play the exact wrong move. The walls I get from this give me really nice influence, but sometimes I lose territorially. I remember this happening at Congress a lot. A lot of the games I play rely on something dying, or some weak group I can chase around, because of the walls.

Wow, this post sucked.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Joined Blue Moon clan!

Got toastcrumb to 1k?

timshel is now solid 1k.. but due to losing consistantly, not winning consistantly. XD

I feel about 2-3k in strength.

I found out my double 3-5 has a name: "Jabberwock"

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Whoo! -4.27k! 2 stone promotion!

A series of bad puns.

JinQianHan: [i'm ] DANgerousus

Violence [?]: Mingjuice: The Go player drink.
Violence [?]: It's got a taste that'll make you say, "GOOOOD-A MOVE!"

I hate losing won games. :/

Havent played anything noteworthy in a while.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Haven't posted in ages. :( Stupid finals. Stupid school.

In any case. This is pretty awesome. I'm getting close to shodan. AGA shodan at least.

I went 5-0 against 5ks and 4ks at the Jujo tournament. Now I'm just waiting for the AGA to update their ranks.

I remembered one of the better games. At my level, I don' t think I played particularly good games, just my opponents managed to mess up multiple times, and I could take advantage of these screwups.

I also learned how much I love komi.