Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spare the Air Day

I live in the Bay Area, and Spare the Air day(s) is today and tomorrow.

This means I get a free ride to SF and Berkeley!

Free ride! Saving 15 bucks , right there!

This is pretty sad, but the first thing I thought of is Berkeley --> Games of Berkeley --> Go books.

And then, San Francisco --> Gamescapes --> Go books.

God help me. D:

In other news, I'm going to switch to "mayonnaise" for a while, and see how high I can inflate the rank, and then see what I can stabilize it to. Gotta cure the rankophobia...

Wayne sucks. He played me a game, but it was ranked. So now mayonnaise is 5k?.

Oh well. Ill see what I can do.. yuck.

1 comment:

ChiyoDad said...

So mayonnaise becomes 5k; that means you get to play against stronger players. Just take advantage of it and play slow thoughtful games.

If you do go up to GOB, let me know if they finally got some new stock of the old Ishi Press books. I've got a standing order for "Beyond Forcing Moves".