Wednesday, June 21, 2006


That is the sound of my forehead hitting the table.

I don't know, I don't want to play serious games lately. I just want to blitz. Does this have something to do with a constant desire to win? Blah, I need to get rid of that. I feel like I'm playing less games because I'm afraid it'll kill my rank. Ugh, that's so bad for me though. I haven't played anyone higher ranked than 12k unless it was for a tournament, also..

I need to listen to Wayne and play more games against higher rated people.

I think I'll hop on "mayonnaise" for a while. Maybe more free games are needed.


RBerenguel said...

I came just to wish you luck. It's very very difficult what you are trying to do, hope you can! Anyway, sure you'll be stronger after that, it will be very good to your game.

ChiyoDad said...

"Igorankophobia" - I can relate to that. In fact, it's probably something that I should write about to expound upon "Online Go Anxiety".

Maria said...

:) Thanks, rberenguel.

Chiyodad: yeah, that's true.. I remember when I was low 20 kyus, I'd exit a game and immediately play another. Now I putter around the EGR until I find another 12k with an open game offer. :/