Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Uh. Wtf.

My parents think I'm going to get either
a) kidnapped
b) killed by an axe murderer
c) die in a plane crash

at Go Congress. They also believe that all go players I met online are secretly online predators out to kill me/bad stuff.

yeah. Someone convince them you're not axe murderers.


Wayne said...

I am an axe murderer. Maybe your parents are right :D

Shrimphead said...

not an axe murderer but i do own a ferocious cat!

xed_over said...

I have three girls, so I know how they feel.

Maybe you could bring them along :)

ChiyoDad said...

I consume a large bowl of Wheaties every morning. That makes me a cereal killer.

But I'm also a dad and I know how your parents feel. Face it, we think that we're going to grow up as much more liberal parents; but the apple doesn't roll far from the tree. (But I do try to let ChiyoChan be more independent.)

Let's Go said...

Axe murderers? That's ridiculous... nowadays they have guns :D

Zeke said...

Go players are killers... but you're ok as long as you have two eyes!

(No slight intended to the blind or half blind reading this... Without my glasses I'm practically blind myself)