Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Forgot to post this on Sunday.

Happy 20th, Wayne. Sorry, couldn't make it to shodan.

I fail :(

Ah well. Before this summer ends then.


Texas Ranger said...

No worries. A hobby is only worth doing as long as you enjoy it, or else you better be getting paid, right? I think there will be a time you're really driven again, and that's when you will be shodan.

ChiyoDad said...

I don't see anything that you enjoy doing as failure.

Sometimes the road-trip matters more than the destination. The destination is just there to give the road-trip "a general direction".

Hmm. I wonder if that metaphor applies to religion and life-in-general too?

Maria said...

Ahh, I should clarify. I meant not getting to shodan. :(

Hee. :D