Monday, July 31, 2006

Chicago, here I come.

Ohnoes. It's AUGUST. School starts soon. D: Summer's almost over! 29 more days! Crunch time~!

I'm off to Chicago for 5 days. Damn you, college interviews ;_;. There are 12 days until Congress. That leaves me 7 days to get stronger, unless I spend loads of time reading go books.

Goal: AGA1d in 7 days. Woo! for ambition.
How I will achieve this: I probably won't.
I'll start by playing more games as W. Playing as B gives me this wonderful, tremendous advantage. I need to learn how to win without that advantage.
Then, I'll reread Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go until I need to pass it off to Calvin.
Then it's Attack and Defense, How to Kill and the Chinese Fuseki. Again.
I guess I should print out some professional games to review. Maybe I can borrow my mom's laptop to play a few games, too. That should be it for the amount of time I'm in Chicago. Bah, sightseeing. Who needs that. Ehe0

Lawrence's dad kept telling me to play slower in my games. So I slowed down, and found I can do much, much better when I slow down. Hey, at least I havent been blitzing. >_>;
So I guess I'll be playing games without time limits, or ones with very slow time limits from now on.

Can I do this? I can get to AGA1d probably. KGS, I don't know. I'll find out in September, when the next San Francisco tourney thing is.

Ugh, ambition post. One day, I'm going to look back on this and wonder what I was thinking.

In other news, yesterday, there were lots of spectators. I ended up teaching a girl from Miami and her sister how to play go. Then, her grandma asked where they could buy a goban. BWAHAHA. One more go player!

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