Sunday, July 30, 2006


Woohoo! Won one game!

.. eheheh. I won against a 4k but lost against a 6k. Guess I'm really 5k now. Just a bit more and I'dve reached my goal this summer! In the game to the left, I was w. Almost killed, but ended up getting killed. Overlooked a cutpoint. Ah well.

Hm, results.
As far as I can remember, Michael (Cheng..?) won 1st place in the 1st division, Lawrence Ku won 1st in 2nd, Hugh something (little kid, really really cute) won 1st in 3rd, and I have no idea who won 1st in the 4th division.

8th place in 3rd division! Our of 9! Woohoo! XD

Yay for dramatic shots of people playing go. Haha, yeah...

This little kid was horribly cute. Don't think he played in the tournament, but he knew how to play go. I believe that's Tony something's little brother. Awwwwww.

Ah well. I'll figure out my real rank when the AGA updates it. I still have a month left. I can do this.

But man, I'm tired.

PS: Taiyaki is good. Little fish pancake things with red bean paste. :9

And, pictures to come once I upload them.

And uploaded...


ChiyoDad said...

Congratulations! It looks like you've also established a sense of your rank.

You also never know. Some of your opponents might be a bit stronger than their ranks suggest.

Looking forward to the photos!

Maria said...

Wow, Chiyodad, that was fast o_o

Haha, thanks, I guess :P I'll figure out my real rank after Go Congress I suppose. BWAHAHA almost 1d

ChiyoDad said...

So let's think about this.

You started out as a solid KGS 12k in mid-June and managed to beat a KGS 6k in mid-July. So after a month, you've exhibited an ability to play 6 stones above your solid rank.

Some folks have told me about some awkwardness of going from online Go to real-life Go (and vice-versa); losing some strength in the process. I can also speak from sports experience that being in any tournament demands some degree of mental focus and tenacity that can take time to acquire.

Summer isn't over yet, but IMHO you owe yourself a big pat on the back for what you've done thus far.

Maria said...

Aw. Thanks, Chiyodad. :)

Er. hehe. I think some of that loss of strength is attributed to not seeing the board properly IRL. Sometimes, the stones look connected when they're really cut. X_x; Yeah...

Ash said...

You are a superstar in the making! With rank acceleration like that you will soon be Shodan!!
I hope that you really enjoyed the tournament atmosphere and have been inspired to enter another one soon. I will watch your progress with interest and be supporting you from across the oceans.
Well Done!