Monday, March 05, 2007

This is a substantial post (for a change)

Keep in mind, I'm still lowly 4k, so this probably has issues

So far, 3-5 has served me moderately well.

I play double 3-5 paired with 3-9 as black, and ommitting the 3-9 as white.

Opponents generally decide to approach from the top either low or high. I have seen the low approach most often, as my opponents choose to take the corner.
At this point, I can play at either O or P16.

That's the ideal situation. It gets messy when it doesnt work though.

Like that. Or something. Eh, it just gets messy.

I find not much wrong with this opening, as I feel it suits me pretty well. Higher level players seem to think it really weird though. I guess I'll learn whats wrong with it when the time comes.

I think one of the main issues with this opening is I end up with a possibility for a moyo.. and then I play the exact wrong move. The walls I get from this give me really nice influence, but sometimes I lose territorially. I remember this happening at Congress a lot. A lot of the games I play rely on something dying, or some weak group I can chase around, because of the walls.

Wow, this post sucked.